Emergency Evacuation Plans

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Emergency Evacuation Plans



Evacuation Plans (Doors) 

Are required to be posted at the backs of all office/bldg./hotel doors for the safety of transient and permanent occupants. Emergency Evacuation Plans show clear evacuation routes from each room along with instruction on what to do in case of an emergency. Fire extinguisher and fire pull station icons are included to show where to locate these safety devices. These planss are customized to show the needed information that you would like to convey for the safety of your Office, Bldg. or hotel room occupants                   858-737-2820 Fax

How to prepare your place of work  for an Emergency Evacuation?

Security and safety in our workplace, schools and public buildings are a a must in our ever litigious society. The uncertainty that can surround us is seen in the news everyday. Our schools and workplaces should be sheltered from potential hazards by the implementation of up to date Emergency Evacuation Plans. An Emergency Evacuation Plan can help to reduce your risks in the event of an emergency. 
We provide Emergency Evacuation Plans and
Emergency Evacuation Door Plans.
How to Order Emergency
Evacuation Plans
We will Use your existing floor plan to create an easy to read plan that can be customized to your specifications. This would be displayed where needed throughout your Office to clearly show the exits to be used in an emergency. Icons will be included  to show all fire pulls, and fire extinguishers. Colorful directional arrows will point to the nearest exit.  
Email or fax your floor plan(s) and requirements for number of signs and we will email a quote for your consideration.  Prefer file as .cdr, .ai, .eps, but will work with .pdf, .jpg or .tif                   858-737-2820 Fax