Real Estate Sign Installation


                                Real Estate Sign Installation Information and Pricing


                             Information                                                             Pricing



We will install you sign 7 days a week in  
San Diego. We guarantee 
to install your Post or Real Estate sign 
within 12-48 hours from day of your order. 
Email your order and we will 
install your sign in theSan Diego area.
We can also fabricate your signs
to your satisfaction, using your 
logo and text at the lowest prices 
in San Diego.


  • Post and Sign Installation  $50
  • Brochure Box Rental $15.00/Purchase $25
  • Lost/Damaged Post $75.00
  • After 6 Month Post Rental $35.00
  • Install Sign Only: $30.00
  • Purchase Stock Riders (2BR, Don't Disturb, etc.) $25.00
  • Reset Post within the service area $25.00
  • Call for pricing for work done outside of the San Diego service area 

To order installation, email  Add address, map code and any installation instructions.

 We will bill you via PayPal when installation ordered .