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Terms of Use

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Proprietary Rights

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Legal Disclaimer

This is the website of, Inc., Inc., is respectful of the privacy of those who visit our site. We are devoted to protecting their personal information. This policy may be updated by us from time to time, so please check here often.

Here's how we gather and utilize information for you.

IP Address

For each visitor to our website, our server automatically identifies information regarding the domain address of the visitor. This "Internet Protocol" or IP address and other site usage data is used to assemble broad demographic information. This data assists us to serve you by allowing us to understand how visitors use our website.


Our site includes contact forms that require users to give us information (like your name), individual identifiers (such as your email address), and demographic information (like your zip code).
We use the information from contact forms to send you information related to your project. For instance, if you provide us with your mailing address or phone number or fax # online, you may receive periodic mailings or telephone contact from, Inc., with information on your project and/or available products. We use your email as an individual identifier in our record system to confirm communications from you. We also use it to send you updates that you have requested.

Email Services

If you take advantage of any email announcement features on our site, you will receive email updates.  Users have the opportunity to opt out of getting communications from us. By sending a request to our email, users can have their personal information deleted from the database of our site.

For Your Security we store no financial information or social security information on our site.


When you indicate that you want to receive information about, Inc., or contact a person, we share the data needed for you to receive what you have indicated. On occasion, we secure consultants or outside companies that may need access to our databases to perform services for us. We require that these consultants agree not to use any such information that they may receive access to for any purpose unrelated to their services to us., Inc., its members, agents and affiliates may disclose your personal, identifiable information if required to do so by law or in good faith belief that it is necessary to 1.) Conform to the requirements of the law or comply with governmental orders, court orders, or legal process; or 2.) Protect and defend the property or rights of, Inc. its members or affiliates or the users of the website.
We reserve the right at our discretion to make changes to this policy at any time. Please check this page often for changes in our privacy policy.

This privacy policy does not extend to any information that is inherent in the operation of the Internet, and therefore beyond the control of, Inc., its members agents or affiliates, and is not to be applied in any manner contrary to applicable law or governmental regulation.