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Tips for sending computer artwork or files to


  • 1. Please send your art file(s) to us via email at .
  • 2. To ensure the highest quality output, be sure to save your images at     300dpi (dots per inch) at the finished size. We prefer  .cdr, .bmp, .tif, .jpg, .pdf, eps, or .ai files.
  • 3. Files for vinyl output  need to output as vector or line art. 
    4. We recommend that you save or export text as vectors, curves, paths or  outlines. 
  • 5. Convert all fonts to curves or paths to avoid possible font substitution. 
  • 6. Save photographic images at 100% of the actual size (when possible) and at least 300 dpi  resolution. 
  • 7. Recommended color mode for vector files (Adobe Illustrator) is CMYK.
  • 8. If by chance you are using CorelDraw, please convert the fonts to curves.
  • Include Pantone Colors for your files, or provide a .pdf  copy of the  colors desired.
  • 9. Website low resolution graphics are usually not suitable for signs or graphics.
  • 10.The total size of all uploaded files should be less than 1 gigabyte.
  • 11. For best results we recommend you compress files before sending them.
  • 12. If you file is larger than 1 Gigabyte please contact for alternative ways to send the file.