ADA Men/Women Restroom Sign

Get your ADA restroom sign here:

Exactly what you need in your small office or business building bathroom; Using this plastic unisex, braille restroom sign will help all of your guests, patrons, and employees find the bathroom in your space; Eliminate all confusion and mark clearly where the facilities are with bathroom signage.

You can mount sign to wall with double;sided foam adhesive that comes with the signs for the easiest application; For permanent usage, use screws to secure the bathroom to the wall; Velcro is great for signs that change regularly; 3M clear tape and picture hanging strips also will work for mounting.

The ADA bathroom signs should be hung with 60 inches between the finish of the floor and the centerline of the sign: This sign is for handicap accessible bathrooms.

The unisex bathroom wall mount braille sign is 6 inches wide and 9 inches long: The rounded corners are essential for avoiding any accidental injuries when people come into contact with the sign: The white ink on the black, plastic sign makes the text and images totally discernible: The braille makes it great for all guests.

Get your ADA restroom sign here: